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welcome to my site about the wwe and here is my video of the week:

Kane's Entrance Video: 56K | 300K

the story of Randy Orton
the legend killer (Randy Orton) has made him self famous at a height of  6 foot 4 and the weight of 245 pounds from st louis, Orton has overcome all of the odds and taken out everyone that he challenges back in the Evouloution days he named him self the legend killer wich he prooves time and time again. but now Orton has turned against Evoullution he has perfected the RKO and become a world champ at wwe's ppv Summer Slam and prooved to Chris Benoit that he is the best of the best. now days Orton hangs out with Jericho and Benoit and feuds with evouloution and EDGE. he is in a match at Raws ppv NEW YEARS REVOULOUTION at January 9th in an elimination chamber vs hhh,y2j,benoit, batista and EDGE for the world title wich is right now vacent.
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through the past six month's JBL has been the smackdown! WWE champion he won the title against Eddie Geurreo , in a texas rope match he has cheated to beat the Undertaker and Booker T as well at armageddon he still cheated by gettong Heidenreich to attack the Undertaker, so now JBL is still champion, what is the reaction to Booker T, Eddie Geurro and the Undertaker!
tune in on smackdown 7:00 the score ( canada), 8:00 UPN.